my easy adult applesauce recipe

I have been LOVING my local farm fresh produce boxes & whipping up a storm in the kitchen. It's fun to get creative by trying to make new recipes based on what you have at home, vs. get things particularly for a recipe. Today, I'm sharing my easy apple sauce recipe for adults, spruced up with some protein and deliciousness. Nothing like spicing up an old childhood favorite snack!

I've been using my produce boxes delivered from Hillview Farm in Sydney. They deliver to most metro areas around here. If you're Sydney based, you can use this link for 20% off! It's great to support local businesses right now who can't have showings at farmers' markets, plus their produce is AMAZING!

This recipe needs a nutribullet ($50 on Amazon) or another blender and will only take you under 5 minutes. The ingredients below will serve 1, so double the fruit for 2.


apple smoothie bowl recipe


* 1 banana 🍌

* 1 apple 🍎

* 2-3 tbsp/dash of almond milk 🥛


* 1 tbsp peanut butter

* hemp seeds

* granola

* coconut flakes 🥥

* dash of cinnamon

* drizzle honey on top 🍯


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