diy linen spray with essential oils

I recently had some girl friends over for a little champagne and crafts. We made a couple of projects, but the most useful one was a DIY linen spray!

DIY lavender essential oil linen spray

I’ve been using it on my bed sheets, clothes (maybe get a couple wears in before washing 😂👏🏻), and on all the dog things - bed, crate, plush toys, etc. I don’t want my flat starting to smell like dog as Frankie outgrows his puppy stage! It also creates a relaxing environment with the lavender benefits.

This DIY linen spray is super easy to make and only takes about 3 minutes to toss together. Here’s how to make it:

easy diy linen spray recipe


  • 500 mL / 16 oz glass bottle - important so the oils don't eat through the plastic over time

  • 30-60 drops of essential oils (2/3 lavender, 1/3 lemon)

  • 150 mL / 5 oz of Witch Hazel

  • Fill the rest with distilled water

*You can cut this recipe in half if using a smaller bottle!


Easy as that!