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I don’t write much on my blog about anything controversial because that’s not what this platform is for me. If you want the TL;DR version, it’s to BE KIND to people during this time of major unknowns! Below are my thoughts (for whatever they're worth) and how I'm thinking about the coronavirus:

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COVID-19 has got me feeling all sorts of confused. One day I have one opinion, the next day I think otherwise. How extreme should I be taking this? It’s also been interesting to chat with friends and I have friends on all sides of the spectrum! I also am living in Australia, where it’s not yet quite so serious, but most of my friends and family are in California, where I’m from, and I’m hearing what’s going on over there daily. It’s very clearly a week or two behind and the community here (including me) is just starting to get up to speed on educating ourselves about the severity of it.

My goal of this post is to help share what I've learned from my research, while helping me sort out my own thoughts as writing is my creative outlet. Overall, my blog is a travel and lifestyle blog, and coronavirus is affecting both of those things atm, so I feel compelled to leverage this platform to try and spread some compassion in a chaotic situation.

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion on what’s going on, and no fear (too big or too little) is wrong. We, as a community, don’t know how to take what’s happening — the fact is we don’t know what we don’t know and everyone’s very different emotions are not wrong; they’re all valid. Be kind to people during this time and have an open heart and mind.

Just 3 days ago I feel like I actually learned enough about social distancing and what the impact is. If you asked me late last week, I thought people were overreacting. Here’s what I learned this past weekend:

It’s not about whether we will get it or we will not — assume you probably will. I read 40-70% of the population will get it, so odds are... you will. It‘s not about you. Most of us will also overcome it, especially in the under 80 crew with no major health issues. What I’ve leaned so far is that social distancing is more about flattening the curve so the healthcare systems have a chance to catch up. It’s for the community, not for YOU personally to not get the coronavirus... it’s for us to slow the time between when that 40%-70% do get it. This will help the healthcare system have capacity and resources to help more people be on breathing machines, be admitted to the hospital, get tested, etc. so we can treat more people successfully and save more lives. It’s for doctors and hospital staff to not have to make decisions on who to let die. It’s about protecting the elderly and immuno compromised where you can. It’s for the greater good and seems socially responsible, now that I know more about it. Think of it like you think about donating to a charity. Learning more helped me to understand and change my perspective. It made a lot more sense to me when recently explained like this, so I wanted to share on this platform.

I have friends going through weddings during this time - some already having to be postponed which is heartbreaking, others in the hard place on decision making. They‘re damned if they do, damned if they don’t, regardless of what they decide. I know people have even had to cancel funerals due to social gathering bans and venues restricting it. Many of you saved up for years to go on that one big trip and have to cancel without your full refund. I feel heartbroken for people in these situations. Weddings should be the most special time in your life and I can’t believe brides are dealing with this kind of stress. I just can’t imagine, and I feel for everyone, especially my close friends, going through this. It breaks my heart because many people with major life events have been put in a lose-lose situation with COVID-19 right now, and I’m sure it doesn’t feel fair at all.

In the big scheme of things, it’s good to also try to keep things in perspective. I feel most deeply for those who have been affected by a loss from COVID-19. My heart goes out to those who are grieving and the many more who will grieve as a result of experiencing loss from coronavirus. 💔

While I’m extremely open about my health, I also don’t share much about it on my blog because I just don’t want my medical details out on the internet! That being said, I understand, now more than ever, that peoples’ responses and decisions to what’s happening are very personal and nobody else’s business! Whether events go on, get cancelled, plans flake, don’t flake, etc., this is a time where everyone needs support. We need to all come together to support people rather than judge. Let everyone to come to their own terms with how they decide to manage their approach on this unpaved path forward through COVID-19 and just their health choices in life in general. Nobody knows what’s best for anyone outside of you, your family, and your doctors, and it can be a very personal thing because not everyone’s going to understand everybody else’s decisions during this. BUT THAT IS OK. Protect yourself, and protect your family above all, in whatever way seems right for you.

My main message here is BE KIND TO ONE ANOTHER. Trust that everyone is doing their best and making their personal decisions on how to approach life during COVID-19.

By no means am I a doctor, or right in my thoughts here, but this is just my personal opinion and what I have learned as of late! Keep your hearts open and be there for your friends and family above all. Everyone battles with their own struggles, stresses and fears and will handle this in different ways.

Stay healthy friends! ❤️

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