a look into my photography gear

It’s been awhile since I shared my photography gear with you guys, and I get lots of questions on Instagram about it, so its about time I update you on my kit (as my last post on this was from 2017!)

best cameras for beginners



This is camera has mostly the same accessories and lenses koi I've had for a few years, so nothing really new to report if you did read my previous post. Feel free to scroll down to #2 for the new additions!


  • 100% of portrait sessions

  • Travel photography - it's compact!

  • Brand/product shots

  • Any photos I want printed given they are larger/high quality


  • 50mm f/1.8 lens, which I described above as great for portraits and food photos - really anything with one focal point when there are various depths. These are the ones that have that really professional look! (I have the cost-effective one, but it doesn't zoom so you physically have to move. I don't mind it, but can be confusing if you ask someone to take a photo for you! Here is a nicer version with similar/slightly better specs along with zoom feature as well.)

  • 16-55mm Power Zoom lens, which comes standard on the camera typically. This is your everyday lens that is versatile. I always bring this one when I'm traveling!

  • 55-210 Power Zoom lens, which is great for distance shots. It's awesome for landscape, skyline, and outdoorsy shots. I'll use this one when a shot has a lot of depth (focal points both near and far that I don't want blurred).

  • You can also buy this starter kit, which includes #2 and #3 lenses with the camera for a decent price, an extra battery and SD memory cards - it's a great deal.