my 2019 nordstrom anniversary sale finds

OK, so it's my favorite time of the year [shopping-wise that is]... the 2019 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. Even though I live millions of miles away now, in Australia, I shop the sale items every year (and get it delivered to my parents house for my next visit home!) This year, I'm sharing my favorite finds & what I purchased with you in this Nordstrom Anniversary sale guide for working girls on the go. Pretty much everything I buy for these days is for multiple uses - work + travel + weekends. I hate spending money on work clothes that I can't also use for my weekends! Hope this post is helpful if you're in the same boat & can relate!

best work clothes nordstrom sale

In Australia, I don't know the brands as well & know my style, aussie sizing, etc. etc. etc. I always say that Nordstrom is MY PLACE - I know what my departments are, my price points, my sizing, and the type of customer service I'm going to get with my favorite store in good ol' America. I also find that shopping down under is expensive for the quality! Not worth it a lot of times in my opinion. In general, I find stores that I would consider on par with the likes of H&M (which I love) but you're paying Anthropologie prices (which I don't love for H&M level quality). So, that being said, I don't do a TON of shopping over here & save my big hauls for my trips home. If it ain't broke, don't fix it, right?

Early Access to the sale already kicked off, so if you're a cardmember you can shop already! If not, you'll have to wait until Friday July 19, and the sale continues through August 5.

There are SO many good items on this year's Nordstrom sale. I definitely spent way too much, but can't wait to head back to California in August to see what I like to decide what to bring back to Aus with me and what to return. I hope you enjoy this post & find some quick items for your shopping cart! ALSO - please let em know what you bought this year in the comments below - there's always room for more shopping, right?! (Hope Joe doesn't read this one! 😬)


$85 down from $129

I settled for black since they didn't have my size in the snake print, but I still love them! Perfect for a day to night show for travel too. Multifunctional for work + travel. I'm all about that.

top nordstrom anniversary sale shoes


$49 down from $74

LOVE these. I needed a good pair of navy slacks for work!

top nordstrom anniversary sale work wear


$39 down from $59

I got this one in black. It's perfect for Friday night dinner and drinks, or to pair with cute denim shorts & converse in the summer. I would wear this to the office with a blazer of it too - so perfect for work-to-chic girls to be ready for happy hour.

top nordstrom anniversary sale work wear