exploring kuala lumpur, malaysia in 2 days

Kuala Lumpur is the capital of Malaysia, and a major airline hub for southeast Asia. Most of the airlines either stop over in Singapore or Kuala Lumpur for access to the rest of southeast Asia on long haul flights. I always try to use an indirect flight route as an opportunity to visit a new spot if we would need to take a layover anyways, and stay for a couple of days to explore. In this case, we picked Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, since we went to Singapore in 2016 (Singapore travel guide here!) We booked a round trip flight from Sydney, then booked other flight reservations to our next destinations from there, which actually ended up saving us money, since round trip is cheapest on long haul flights, and Sydney to KL is 8 hours

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Since we only had 2 days, we decided to make the absolute most of our time, so we checked into Sheraton Imperial KL and got out to explore. The hotel was really nice, BTW. I would definitely recommend it! The first few things I noticed about Kuala Lumpur in November was it was HUMID AF, the culture is obsessed with shopping (it seemed like a main attraction of the city with malls literally everywhere you look), and it was bright and colorful. It was also a city mixed with really old grungy buildings right next to the most modern skyscrapers. A very new world-meets-old world concept, which was quirky and cool. There was also a jungle feel, right in the heart of the city, which definitely reminded me of Singapore a bit. The heat though... OMG. Get ready to sweat if you visit in November.

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There are tons of cool markets (day + night, food + artisan) to visit, and haggling is common. You can walk a lot of the city, or take the train & trams as public transport is really good. You'll also want to download the app Grab, which is the Uber of SE Asia - seriously, Uber acquired them but kept their branding since it was so popular there!

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The food stalls were really good! I was a bit nervous about eating street food in Southeast Asia, but my pharmacist recommended Travelan and I would highly recommend it. I used it to prevent food poisoning throughout the trip since I have a pretty sensitive stomach, and it totally helped! You can buy it here for about $25. We loved the night market for food!

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The people of KL were so friendly and welcoming, and English is commonly spoken, so you'll easily be able to communicate. The multicultural city has districts with all types of Asian cultures - we liked exploring Chinese temples and walking through Little India one day! We really enjoyed exploring for a quick 2 days, and I'm eager to share my itinerary with you!

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