8 true crime shows you need to watch

I’m a sucker for a good true crime show. I love documentaries even more, because they’re like watching the news but way more interesting and with way more detail. Murder mysteries have always been one of my favorite book & show genres, which is kinda weird but if you think about the psychology behind it it makes sense that people are so fascinated with them (and that I’m not crazy!)

People are genuinely curious about death & according to a criminologist, serial killers are like a train wreck or spectacle in which you kind of can’t stand to watch but at the same time you can’t look away. He explains that we also receive a rush of adrenaline for watching something bad, which is a similar feeling to riding a roller coaster. Due to the emotions it causes (especially fear), humans are drawn to true crime. Read the full article by Scott Bon here. With so many shows coming out around it, it’s obviously a common craze.

So, Joe and I have been binge watching crazy crime shows for the past ~3 years and are hooked. Our favorite shows are always one of our favorite topics over dinner with friends. I get so into trying to solve them and form my opinion of evidence and court procedures that I feel like I missed my calling to be a detective. How interesting that these shows could help put more people on the front lines if others (who haven’t yet started their career or are actively looking for a change) also think about it that way! I’m definitely not making any moves on that, so don’t worry Mom... but it’s definitely very fascinating to me and I always want to know all the details when I meet detectives in real life.

2018 best true crime shows

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