5 things i love right now (july 2018)

Hey everyone! I'm back with round 2 for a roundup of my favorite things right now, in July 2018. Hope you enjoy!

things you need in july 2018

1. POPSTAR HATS (AKA Fiddler Hats... but they look like popstar hats, right?)

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Why I'm obsessed: I wasn't sure if I'm trendy enough to pull one off, but recently said f*@K it and bought myself this one and love it. It's a really great hat for not having to do your hair & still looking cute when you leave the house (by covering up the mop!) Here and here are two others I'm eyeing, but how many would I really ever need?! Anyways, they're cute, and back in style, so you need to snag one while you can!

Cost: ~$25-40


beeswax wraps

Why I'm obsessed: I recently learned about these - they're big in Australia (apparently since there's a lot of beeswax here & in NZ!) and I'm wondering how I haven't heard of them sooner!? This is amazing, coming from someone who eats avocado pretty much every day. They work great as reusable tupperware covers, and as an example can keep an open avocado green with no brown for 3+ days!!! You need to snag these. You can also find them on Etsy in really cute patterns in this cute shop!

Cost: $10-20, depending how many you get in a pack!


favorite products july 2018

Why I'm obsessed: This aussie sparking sangiovese is amazing and the one that got me into drinking sparkling reds