the ultimate australia bucket list

So, I'm here for a few years (read more about why here), and I'm sharing what's on my Australia bucket list with all of you! You know me... I need a plan for everything. This will give you have a starting point of what to research or how to create a bucket list of your own. Regardless of whether you decide to come on holiday for 2 weeks, a sabbatical for 3 months, a year on the Working Holiday Visa, or are moving here permanently, you should have a plan of attack to see this MASSIVE country, because trust me, you're time will be gone in a flash. Did you know Australia is the same size as the US? If I only have a limited time here, I want to see as much as possible, and it's already been 8 months of living here for Joe and me, and the time has FLOWN by so far.

I'm sharing my list below, with the ones that have been completed highlighted in The Urbanite Insight Blue (only viewable if you're reading from a desktop, but clickable even from mobile for those that have posts already!). I have a long way to go! Stay tuned on this page (or pin it!) to see updates as I go checking more items off

the ultimate australia bucket list

So here's what's on my list:

1. Make it to every state & capital city