inspired by: wanderers and warriors

Welcome back to the final interview for this round of Inspired By! Make sure you check out posts #1-4 (you can find them all linked here). This week, I'm featuring one of my favorite couples to watch: Charlie and Lauren from Wanderers and Warriors. They have got to be the CUTEST couple on Instagram, and I love how they share their fun, care-free and hilarious personalities constantly on their instagram stories. These two are clearly in love with each other and in love with seeing the world, and this passion oozes in everything they do for their travel empire they've built up online.

What inspires me about Charlie and Lauren is that they're the type who are really great about sharing their true personalities with their followers, so when you follow them, you feel like you're following a close friend on Instagram. That's something I really admire about them (and trust me, it's not easy to do!). I know first hand it can be awkward or scary to open up to such a wide group of people, most of whom you don't know. So, check them out and I know you'll be inspired by following the journey of this free-spirited couple from the UK, just as much as I do. Here's what they have to say:

the most inspiring travel bloggers 2018

Q: How many countries have you been to? What’s been your favorite destination so far?

A: We’ve been to over 25 countries seperately but 6 so far together. Our favourite destination has to be the Philippines!

Q: How do you go about picking your destinations and planning out your travel itineraries?