inspired by: charlotte barillier

I'm really excited about my 2nd traveler for my Inspired By interview series, Charlotte Barillier. Charlotte and I were sorority sisters at UC Santa Barbara, and she's constantly making me jealous with her amazing travels! She came to visit me while I studied abroad in Barcelona, which she'll talk a bit about during the interview below. She's an inspiration as not only a traveler, but an entrepreneur and general awesome human being, so I hope you enjoy hearing more about her and her travels as much as I do!

Charlotte launched Roam Travel Company in 2016, after working for a luxury tour operator and entertainment travel agency. She noticed that there was a gap in the industry -- that travel agents (now called travel designers) were not truly getting in touch with their clients and were booking more out of convenience than what was right for their clients. Roam Travel Company is a luxury travel planning service that focuses on unique experiences, intelligently designed hotels and above all, personalization. Charlotte explains her passion for creative side of the planning process: "I absolutely love the itineraries where I can be creative, from planning full wedding ceremonies in the African bush to a Harry Potter themed scavenger hunt through London to private honeymoon dinners in caves with thousands of tea candles in Bali to popping champagne with museum owners on opening day in Bolivia."

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Q: How many countries have you been to? What’s been your favorite destination so far?