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I'm excited to share my Q&A with Christina Vidal today to kick off my Inspired By series on The Urbanite Insight! Christina Vidal, from JetsetChristina, is one of my absolute favorite travel bloggers to follow. Her Instagram is vibrant with color and fun vacations photos. Focused on writing and producing content around luxury travel, Christina is truly the ultimate professional vacationer. Christina is also from San Francisco, and I've been following her for a few years now... definitely since the beginning of The Urbanite Insight.

JetsetChristina has been ranked among the top luxury travel blogs by Travel & Leisure, TripAdvisor, DailyMail, Buzzfeed and more. She's all about showcasing the most exotic, luxurious and swoon-worthy locales around the world, usually with a margarita in her hand. Recently transitioning to a full time travel blogger, Christina is hustling to do it all and live life to the fullest at the same time. She is definitely an inspiration not only to me, but to all travel bloggers and vacation lovers!

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Q: How many countries have you been to? What’s been your favorite destination so far?

A: I’ve been to 55 countries so far! I’ll get to my 56th in about 2 weeks when I go to Australia! I’m so excited to cross another country (and continent!) off the list. I was once told by a professor to always make sure the number of countries you’ve been to is always greater than your age, so I make it a goal of mine to get at least one new country every year.

Picking a favorite destination is so hard for me! For the beaches, it’s French Polynesia, hands down. For the culture (and the food!), I’ll pick Italy every time. And my favorite city I’ve ever been to is definitely Cape Town, South Africa.

Q: Where is your current home base & how did you find yourself there?

A: Living out of a suitcase and traveling full-time, I don’t really have a “home base”! But that being said, having a sense of ‘home’ is something that’s really important to me - so I try to make places around the world my home base - I like to base in awesome places around the world for a substantial enough amount of time to truly get a feel for them and enough time to get to explore and travel to places around them. Last year I was based in Bali all fall and this year I’ve called both Colombia and Bali my home, and I’ll be be back stateside (based in LA) later this Spring.

Q: What tips can you give us for taking amazing travel photos?

A: HAVE FUN WITH IT!!! When I’m trying to get a good picture of a destination, or doing a photoshoot for a brand, it’s almost a requirement that I have a glass of wine in my hand, and I always need a photographer who’s not going to let me take myself too seriously. My favorite photos are captured moments where you can tell how much I’m enjoying my vacation- not when I’m staged trying to LOOK like I am. And I don’t know about you guys - but I’m so sick and tired of seeing staged photos all over instagram! I think the best captured moments are real moments. The reason we love photos so much is they remind us of an amazing moment in time, so just have fun with it!

Q: What advice do you have for combatting jet lag?

A: Sleep and hydration are SO key! I drink sooo much water when I’m traveling (one of the reasons I love aisle seats), and I don’t go anywhere without my s’well bottle. For sleeping on planes, I swear by a good eye mask and some Zzzquil.

Q: Where are you traveling next & how did you decide?

A: I have trips to Australia, LA, Maui, and Palm Springs all planned for this next month, and lots of Europe still being planned for the Summer - I can’t wait! I usually get my inspiration for trips from instagram! I love that it’s a constant source of travel inspiration, and a community of people sharing their travels. I’m always saving posts and creating lists of places I want to go based on all of my favorite instagrammers’ travels.

Q: Where can we find you?

A: You can find me on instagram @JetsetChristina, and on the blog at You can also sign up for my Friday Flyer email here, so you can keep up to date on travel tips, blog highlights, my favorite products and more!