inspired by: 5 travelers who inspire me right now

I'm eager to announce my interview series that will be released weekly throughout April and May, called Inspired By. This is a series is all about sharing with all of you where I garner some of my inspiration, by friends, peers and travelers around the world who inspire me to expand my horizons.

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For the next 5 weeks, I'll be sharing a blog post each Wednesday of a Q&A interview with a different travel lover. Some are a part of the travel industry in different capacities and some have nothing to do with it at all. I've selected each of these people because I'm inspired by them of course, but also because I absolutely LOVE to follow on social media because their passion to see the world is just jumping out of their pages. These are the types of people who get you thinking “when and where is my next trip” and going to book one ASAP!

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Travelers are a community, and always very humbled people. There’s something about going to a new city and realizing just how far away from home you are, and ultimately how small you are in compared to this big unknown world. Traveling isn’t always as glamorous as Instagram makes it seem too; at times it can be intimidating and exhausting as much as it is exciting and invigorating. You meet so many different types of people along the way, which is very grounding. Travelers have a sense of welcome to likeminded people and have lots of storytelling to share through life experiences!

So, here's the lineup:

1. CHRISTINA VIDAL, travel blogger and founder of JetsetChristina

2. CHARLOTTE BARILLIER, founder of Roam Travel Company

3. HANNAH AND NICK, travel couple and bloggers from Salt in our Hair

4. LESLIE TOBIN, wanderlust, avid corporate traveler and expat

5. CHARLIE AND LAUREN, travel couple and bloggers behind Wanderers & Warriors

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I hope you enjoy hearing from these 5 travel fiends as much as I do, and I look forward to hearing your feedback about my Inspired By series!




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