how to plan amazing travel itineraries

So, you've booked a trip & are ready to GO! But wait, what are you even going to do when you get there? I think the homework & planning deters a lot of lazy people from traveling in the first place, so it's important to have an idea of how and where to start -- some sort of method to the madness is the key! Today, I'm sharing with you my method to all my madness & hope you find it helpful!

Let's start from ground zero -- what are you even interested in & what's your travel style? Are you like my dad who packs days completely full & likes to see as much as possible & take advantage of every moment? Or someone who likes to completely relax on vacation & slowly savor every moment or indulge in relaxation poolside with a cocktail? Maybe a mix of the two? That's definitely where I fall.

how to plan your travel

Boutique at Flora Farms in Cabo, Mexico

I don't like to overpack my trips. I like to pick 2-3 main things to accomplish & see each day. This would include things like a hike, tourist site, cooking class, etc. I find that I end up doing a lot in between activities anyways when it comes to grabbing a drink at a bar, going to a restaurant, etc., so I don't include meals in my 2-3/day list.

I really pride myself on my ability to find the BEST things to do on trips, and as you can see in all of my curated travel guides, certain things are more important to me than others -- this is where we all differ. I like to find cute, trendy cafes, cool restaurants, do active things outdoors, etc. I tend to steer away from things like museums (not always, but usually). This is where everyone's different. Joe and I love to workout on vacation, but even some of our most active friends hate the thought of that while traveling. Everyone is truly different -- just like with fashion, everyone has their own travel style. So, before you even begin planning, make sure you know what it is that YOU love to do on vacations.

PS: the fact that everyone has different travel styles is important in picking your life partner in crime. My best recommendation is to travel internationally together for an extended period to make sure you two can handle each other, even when you're put in an unfamiliar place, outside of your comfort zone, jet lagged, and on the go.

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Preservation Hall in New Orleans

So, how do I find where I'm heading and what does my process look like broken down?


This could be chosen through a variety of things. Inspiration on photos is probably the ultimate one I use. Saving posts on Instagram or pinning pins on Pinterest (say that 5 times fast!) is a great place to store your travel bucket list. I always have a running list of places to pick that I found through social media photos. I also sometimes just don't feel like going somewhere too mainstream & want to pick a hidden gem spot I saw a beautiful photo of once years ago & I always find these places from social channels.

Another way I choose is price point. For example, when we went to Stockholm, the major kicker that ultimately decided the city we'd land in Europe in was Norwegian Air's huge sale from SFO to Sweden.

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