american expats, vol 1: australia here we come

I've been taking a bit of a break from the blog because I've been so busy, and I'm excited to share with everyone what's been taking up all of my time -- Joe and I are moving to AUSTRALIA!

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After I didn't get my fix from living overseas when I studied abroad in Barcelona, about a year into our relationship, Joe and I agreed on a goal that we would try to go work overseas together at some point in our 20s. We've both expressed this personal-crossed-with-business goal of ours at each of our companies. We are both very career-focused and didn't want to sacrifice our careers completely to pick up and move and take just any job we could find, so we agreed that if at least one of us had a solid job opportunity going over, the other could find work quickly!

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Joe actually got offered a transfer to his London office shortly after we got engaged, but that posed a few different problems. At the time, we weren't married, so I'd still have to figure out how to get my own visa. The net-net of it was that we were just getting busy to plan our wedding for the following year, and timing wasn't quite right, so he turned it down. Fast forward to February of this year when I discovered an opportunity for a role in my company's Sydney office -- I threw my name in the hat for the application process immediately!

I'm so excited to announce that we're moving to Sydney, Australia on the 457 visa (which will no longer be available in March 2018) sponsored by my company in just 3 short days! Since we're now married, my company sponsored both of our visas as we can apply together as a family on the application. That ended up making Joe such an attractive candidate since he didn't require sponsorship, and he was able to land an amazing job there too starting 2 weeks after we arrive! Everything is falling into place and we could not be more excited about this next adventure!

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Here, I'm sharing my advice on how to go make it happen if you have a similar aspiration:

1. Tell everyone at work about your goal to work overseas.

Articulate your interest early on to build internal champions to help make this goal happen. If you share this goal of yours from the get go, you can set yourself up to be informed of an opportunity once it becomes available. It's much less risky for a company to send an internal candidate since they know what they're getting, rather than hire externally. When raising y