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Cuba was one of the coolest (and definitely one of the most interesting) cities that I’ve ever been to. It’s like a time warp - a city stuck in the 1950s. The best way to describe Cuba is just simply “cool!" When you think of Cuba, don’t think “luxurious vacation” by any means - it’s definitely not one of the easiest places to travel to with it’s outdated technological landscape, lack of strong english speakers, old buildings, etc… but it’s definitely worth the trip.

I know with Trump's new policy change this summer, traveling to Cuba seems a bit harder. However, Joe and I traveled there with the Journalism visa, not the people-to-people visa that most people go on. My understanding is that Trump has removed the people-to-people (educational) visa options for Americans, but you can still apply to go under the Journalism visa, especially if you are a blogger or writer! Read more here to find out all you need to know, as I'm not fully up to date on the policy!

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Playa Santa Maria

Cuba is absolutely gorgeous with its clear watered beaches, old fashioned cars, and colorful buildings, in an old and charming sort of way. While it’s buildings are old and somewhat crumbly, it is one of the most photogenic cities I’ve ever been to. It’s unique and very different from the US, which interested me a lot. I liked learning about the communist government, the Revolution, and the culture.

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