welly merck swiss watches

I recently teamed up with Welly Merck, a Swiss watch brand, and am absolutely obsessed with their watches! I love that their nylon watch bands are themed by country reflecting colors from various country's flags. They're perfect for a getaway girl (or guy) who loves to travel to remind you it's always time for your next trip! I decided to pick one of their bright and colorful watches because it makes the perfect summer vacation accessory.

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welly merck watches

There was absolutely no wifi in Cuba, so I didn't even have my phone on me most of the time since it was essentially useless. It was handy to have my watch on me to check the time, and the Toyko Nylon band I chose fit in perfectly with the bright colors and old fashioned cars that lined the streets of Cuba. Although, Welly Merck also has a lot of adorable classic watches for those of you who want something more subtle. Welly Merck's products are great since you can swap out the watch strap! I love that all their watch faces have a 2 hand design for an elegant, minimalist look. They're made from sapphire crystal and are amazing quality.