lodi wine & chocolate weekend

A few weekends back, I was lucky enough to team up with Lodi Wine for their annual Wine & Chocolate Festival! I brought Joe and two of our friends, Alex & Carson, to enjoy the weekend as well. We were so excited to see how cute Lodi's Wine country continues to get each year. Lodi, California has been a wine area historically, but is recently getting more and more popular! There are so many cool spots there, and it's refreshing and a change of pace to check out a new area that's not overpopulated with tourists and crowds (meaning their wine & accommodations are also reasonably priced compared to their Northern California wine country sister areas of Napa and Sonoma!) Lodi's wine country has continued to develop over the past decade, and I think it's absolutely adorable!

wine and chocolate lodi

Their Wine & Chocolate Festival consists of receiving a wine glass at the beginning of the weekend to use for tastings (all included in the price of the ticket) at all of the ~50 participating wineries in the area. We did our fair share of tasting at 3 different wineries on Saturday - only one of which I had visited previously on my last trip to Lodi's wine country. So, for the most part I got a view of new spots in Lodi I hadn't previously explored! We visited Jessie's Grove, Stama Winery, and Oak Farm Vineyards.