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A few weekends back, I was lucky enough to team up with Lodi Wine for their annual Wine & Chocolate Festival! I brought Joe and two of our friends, Alex & Carson, to enjoy the weekend as well. We were so excited to see how cute Lodi's Wine country continues to get each year. Lodi, California has been a wine area historically, but is recently getting more and more popular! There are so many cool spots there, and it's refreshing and a change of pace to check out a new area that's not overpopulated with tourists and crowds (meaning their wine & accommodations are also reasonably priced compared to their Northern California wine country sister areas of Napa and Sonoma!) Lodi's wine country has continued to develop over the past decade, and I think it's absolutely adorable!

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Their Wine & Chocolate Festival consists of receiving a wine glass at the beginning of the weekend to use for tastings (all included in the price of the ticket) at all of the ~50 participating wineries in the area. We did our fair share of tasting at 3 different wineries on Saturday - only one of which I had visited previously on my last trip to Lodi's wine country. So, for the most part I got a view of new spots in Lodi I hadn't previously explored! We visited Jessie's Grove, Stama Winery, and Oak Farm Vineyards.

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Jessie's Grove was a huge farm-looking property that was rustic and super cute! They had a big amphitheater and we found out they host a lot of concerts there. The owners also told us that if you're a wine club member, you get to stay in their cute B&B for free - how awesome is that?!

jessie's grove lodi
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Stama is a much smaller tasting room and property, but very modern and chic. This is the one that I went to on my last trip as well - and their wine is delicious!

Stama Winery Lodi

Finally, we headed to Oak Farm Vineyards, which was where we spent the rest of the afternoon. They had live music, and the cutest property - including a really cozy patio to hang out on, and food vendors in addition to their awesome tasting room! I can't wait to visit Oak Farm Vineyards again.

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