the presidio, san francisco

The Presidio is such a cute little area within the 7x7 square miles of San Francisco. It's almost a fortress or escape from the chaos of the city; somewhere to getaway where you feel like you're not even in a big city. There aren't buildings overpopulating the area, street lights everywhere, and people causing havoc in the streets in their day to day routine. It's much more like a little escape to Tahoe or Marin or somewhere more outdoorsy with crisp, non-city air!

the presidio san francisco

Lover's Lane

The Presidio is San Francisco's biggest park - almost 50% bigger than Golden Gate Park! Historically, the Presidio was the northernmost military outpost until 1994, when it became a national park. AKA behave when you're there because you will face federal consequences for even misdemeanors, like speeding.

liggett avenue presidio

Liggett Avenue

presidio san francisco homes

These historic army buildings have been turned into museums, restaurants, etc. - but most of them are now residential housing. They are absolutely adorable, and seem more like suburbia located right in a big city. Lots of families with big, safe streets, and without the traffic. There was a time when you had to enlist in the army to live here, but now they are open to anyone, yet are in very high demand. At any time you'll find only a handful of the 1100 units are available, and there's a waitlist through the Presidio Trust to even be considered - sometimes takes up to 5+ years!

san francisco presidio

MoveWith's silent disco yoga class at Baker Beach

crissy field sf

Crissy Field

So, what's there to do and see in the presidio?