an easy workout circuit for traveling

When I'm traveling, I get antsy if I am just eating out and drinking, but not doing any sort of actual exercise. I always do get lots of exercise just from walking alone, but as you know, I LOVE to indulge in the cultural food and drinks and learn about the restaurants each city has to offer, so walking typically doesn't cut it. Usually when we're on trips, we often walk 8-10 miles per day without noticing, going from landmark to landmark or just wandering and getting lost in a city's charm. But there's something about getting a good sweat on that makes me feel more cleansed after a big meal or a night of drinking. It's always hard to pull myself to do something active on vacation, but I really do feel so much better after and make more of my days.

20 minute workout circuit

So, today I'm sharing my favorite workout for on-the-go. It's only 20 minutes so it's hardly a commitment or taking time away from your explorations, which is why I love it! You may have seen me posting clips from it on my Instagram story in the past few weeks, because I've been doing it a lot - even while home in San Francisco, since I recently injured my hand and am taking a quick break from hot yoga!

This workout takes 20 minutes (usually I do an ab workout after which takes about 10 additional minutes!) and requires almost no equipment, so it's a perfect workout while traveling. Short, sweaty, and simple! It's also a circuit, which means you'll be doing short, 1 minute intervals at a time. Perfect for those who get bored easily - so many different exercises makes the workouts go by so quickly.


1. A jump rope: super easy to pack, but if you don't have one you can always just go through the motions of jumping rope without the actual rope.

2. Two weights: I use 8 lb weights that I have lying around, but if I'm on the go I'll use anywhere between 5-10 lbs - whatever I can find at a hotel gym or wherever I am. If you don't have access to weights, you can use wine bottles - they are about 3 lbs each.


1 minute jump rope

1 minute single arm squat and swing (squat the entire time | put 1 of your weights in your right arm | continue to raise and lower your right arm up and down from above your head to in front of you | switch arms at 30 seconds)

1 minute jump rope - double jump

1 minute bear crawl to push up

1 minute jump rope - alternate feet so you're basically jogging in place

1 minute squat press (weights in both hands | squat down with the weights resting on your shoulders | stand up and raise the weights up | repeat)

1 minute jump rope - go for speed

1 min lunge with double arm row (switch lunged leg at 30 seconds)

1 minute jump rope - one leg (switch legs at 30 seconds)

1 minute lunge with weight touch (put one leg forward to lunge | use one weight in your arm opposite of your front leg | straighten arm up | stand up to swing back leg up to 90 degrees and lower your arm with the weight down to touch it | repeat | switch arms and legs at 30 seconds)

1 minute jump rope - regular speed

1 minute single arm overhead squat (squats with a weight in one arm remaining lifted straight up | switch arms at 30 seconds)

1 minute jump rope - regular speed