a napa valley biplane ride

I had SO much fun on my biplane ride over Napa Valley last weekend! Cloud 9 Living set Joe and me up with a biplane ride on a WWII aircraft that left from Sonoma and headed north over the beautiful vineyards. We did this at the perfect time of the year. It was a gorgeous day and since it's fall, we got to see the vibrant vineyards changing colors.

cloud 9 living

napa valley in the fall

I'm pretty adventurous in general and don't get scared of much, but was definitely a little bit nervous since this biplane was a tiny 2-3 seater, open air plane that was flying at 120 mph. I can honestly say that was the best flight experience I've ever had - much better than any commercial flight I've ever been on. I could barely tell when we took off or landed, it was so smooth! Nothing to be scared of at all. Next time I'm definitely going to add on the aerobatic package, which includes flips and rolls in the air!

napa valley biplane ride

sonoma biplane ride

wwii aircraft napa

Cloud 9 Living provides tons of different experiences for 1-4 people. I saw a ton more in the Bay Area on their website that I want to try, including a Napa wine tasting bike tour, and other popular experiences. They also have cool ones like hot air balloon rides (which Joe and I have done before too and highly recommend)!

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