airplane essentials: what to pack in your carry-on

Packing for trips can literally be the worst, or the best; it's all about having a list. Lists help me to get it done in literally half the time. This post will walk you through everything I always pack in your carry on for a long airplane ride - from how to avoid looking haggard when you step off the plane to how to not go crazy from boredom.


First of all, you'll need a proper place to keep everything organized in your carry on. I love this little "essentials" bag with a tassel pictured above - it's the perfect size to quickly grab all the things I use frequently during the flight. Here are a few other cute ones:


It's no secret that flights dry out your skin. I try to prevent dry skin and puffy, tired eyes by using moisturizer and Rose Water. My favorite moisturizers are this Aveena and this First Aid Beauty moisturizer (both with SPF!) I use Mario Badescu rose water. The combo of these two will keep your skin moisturized and looking fresh for when you get off the plane. I use this First Aid Beauty eye cream every night and when I'm flying, I'll even use it a few times throughout the flight.

3. TECH:

Time to geek out. Headphones, your phone, and some sort of e-reader to keep you busy during the flight (I love my Kindle Fire). Load up your e-reader with some food books and your phone with downloaded Spotify playlists before you go! I also like to pick up a juicy magazine in the airport. I also love to bring a phone charger - some planes have USB ports which is great, but I also throw in my PolarPro iPhone battery extender because my phone always dies.

4. FOOD:

Next - snacks. Airplane meals are full of sodium and are the perfect recipe for you to to feel bloated and bogged down when you step off the plane ready to "start" your day. Adjusting to a new timezone is hard enough as it is, but eating unhealthy meals or snacks can make it even harder. My favorites to bring on the airplane are homemade energy balls, Justin's Almond Butter squeeze pouches, or fruit.


And finally, let's talk about comfort. Make sure you have enough layers to keep you warm enough. I am always cold on flights. I also love my Trtl Pillow, eye mask, and ear plugs. This helps me sleep well on overnight flights!

I would love to hear what your favorite products to bring on flights are in the comments section below!


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