airplane essentials: what to pack in your carry-on

Packing for trips can literally be the worst, or the best; it's all about having a list. Lists help me to get it done in literally half the time. This post will walk you through everything I always pack in your carry on for a long airplane ride - from how to avoid looking haggard when you step off the plane to how to not go crazy from boredom.


First of all, you'll need a proper place to keep everything organized in your carry on. I love this little "essentials" bag with a tassel pictured above - it's the perfect size to quickly grab all the things I use frequently during the flight. Here are a few other cute ones:


It's no secret that flights dry out your skin. I try to prevent dry skin and puffy, tired eyes by using moisturizer and Rose Water. My favorite moisturizers are this Aveena and this First Aid Beauty moisturizer (both with SPF!) I use Mario Badescu rose water. The combo of