4 days in phuket, thailand

Officially back from the honeymoon (hence my new name above!) after a long break from reality... and the blog. Joe and I had the absolutely best time on our trip, and I can't wait to share my favorite parts of each city we visited.

Phuket, Thailand is technically a larger island (although rather than an island, it's technically considered a province), connected by the Barasin Bridge to Phang Nga province to the north. Thailand is such a popular place for twenty-somethings to visit because you'll find picturesque beaches that actually look as beautiful in person as they do on your favorite travel blogger's Instagram AND the exchange rate to the USD is pretty unbelievable. In town, you'll be able to get a nice dinner (with 1-2 drinks, an appetizer, and an entree) for about $10-$15 USD, a custom made suit for $140, or a thai massage for $10. This makes it the best vacation spot because you can do everything you want to on vacation without worrying about your budget!

outfit details here

You can get to Phuket by ferry or plane. Phuket has a relatively big international airport, which you can fly into from any major city in Asia, or get a flight with a short layover from the US. Most resorts offer airport transfers, but you can also arrange a shared van to your hotel or snag a taxi at the airport. Since the island is pretty large, we actually had an hour drive to our resort. It's also about an hour away from the ferry port, which is helpful to keep in mind if you're taking a ferry from one of the smaller islands back to Phuket to catch a flight home. Our hour taxi ride from the ferry port only cost about $20 USD.

*Pro tip: when you arrive at the airport, purchase the sim cards available for sale - they are about $7 for a week and give you unlimited data + some minutes, which will allow you to iMessage your friends back home, snap chat, call local businesses... the works. Definitely worth it. Unfortunately it doesn't work if you have an AT&T iPhone though, since they are locked.