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I'm a hot yoga junkie. This post focuses around my favorite work out classes and yoga gear. My favorite classes are C2 and sculpt (hot yoga with weights!) at Corepower. I recently was introduced to Ritual Yoga (in San Francisco only right now) at a fun blogger beats and brunch event a couple weeks back. Ritual Yoga was also amazing - it's such an experience from when you walk in the door, to the candlelit studio, to the cold towels with lavender for your face after class. Think "the soul cycle of yoga." Luckily, I was back at my parent's house in Roseville this weekend, where it's more than HOT enough (unlike the San Francisco "summers") to get the same workout outside.

yoga triangle pose

yoga tree pose

These two studios are better than any other yoga studios I've tried (and I've tried a lot via ClassPass!) because they don't only give you the zen and stretch, which people typically associate with yoga, but they are also HOT (around 98 degrees), humid, and very fast paced. This allows me not only to get my zen on, which keeps me sane in the midst of a busy life, but also to get my sweat and cardio on. I've seen a lot of results since I started doing hot yoga as my main form of exercise - all the body weight stuff is great for your arms, abs, butt, etc. And in CP Sculpt, you get even more out of the class while using weights - it's like a combo of barre + hot yoga.

yoga extended leg pose

I try to go at least 4x per week - the good thing is that Corepower is in most major cities, so even though I'm always on the go, I can get my yogi fix from anywhere. Today, I want to share some of my favorite yoga gear. First and foremost, my mat. Either this Lululemon mat or this Jade Yoga mat is a must if you are into hot yoga. Other mats can be slippery once you get sweaty, which makes it hard to hold poses during the class. Below are my other favorites - scroll through the widget and click on the products to check them out, or sign up for ShopStyle, then head to my Instagram photo to get an email with all the links to the products.



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