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While planning out what you want to do on a trip to make sure there you get to all your MUST-see spots is important, I always like to bake in a day for spontaneity. I love making itineraries when traveling so you can make the most use of your limited time wherever you go, but prefer to save at least one day for “wandering” in a specific area wherever I go. Just wandering and getting lost in a city’s charm is a unique experience. Without somewhere to be or a pre-booked tour, you have a feeling of freedom to really see the culture and live like the locals do. Whether it’s admiring the architecture in a neighborhood, dropping into a cafe, trying a bite of the city’s famous street food, or going for a drink and striking up a conversation with locals, its fun to really go into a day with no set plan!

Read all the way to the bottom of this post for a city walk giveaway!

The spontaneity of leaving a day or so on your trip open to just wander and explore is amazing. Sometimes, when I do that, I’ll be wandering around and wonder what’s around the neighborhood I’m in. Have you heard of GPSmyCity? It’s one of my favorite travel apps, available on iOS and Android that you can simply download. The app has a variety of walking tours, maps, and articles about neighborhoods and cities (like the ones on my blog, which will be featured on GPSmyCity soon too!!) A good amount of the resources are available for free, with options to purchase and download walking tours (available offline on your phone if it's in airplane mode) for $4.99 per city - a much cheaper and easier alternative to organized walking tours. Using the app is a great way to research what you want to see and plan out your itinerary before a trip, or simply just to open up when you’re wandering around and easily check out what's on the walking tour or what travel bloggers suggest to do in the area you’re currently in - food and restaurant recommendations are my favorite to research.

I'm headed to New Orleans next week and have never been before - found a few cool to-do lists and walks on GPSmyCity that I'm planning to use. ESPECIALLY the restaurant recommendation ones - you know I love good food! Excited to use the Singapore and Thailand guides on our honeymoon too! Here are some screen shots of the app:


GPSmyCity has walking tours, neighborhood guides, and maps in cities all around the world. Where are you headed next?! I’ve partnered with GPSmyCity to give my first 20 readers a free walking tour (typically $4.99 each). All you need to do is comment your next destination city.

Go get your travel on!



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