indoor gardens

I love the outdoors and have always dreamed of having a garden of my own. Let's be honest, with the lack of a backyard and spacious apartment, it's hard to make the dream a reality in San Francisco. The past couple years I've wanted to do something more practical for city life with my green thumb inspiration - an indoor garden (yes, I know I have a Pinterest addiction). So now, I have an indoor herb garden growing on my kitchen window sill with spices I use most for cooking: basil, rosemary, and thyme. I also have succulents and cacti around my house (see some of them on my apartment post!), which are great low maintenance plants that don't require much attention.

Since its spring time, it's important to replant your indoor garden plants with new organic soil and fertilizer. This will keep them healthy and vibrant! So, last weekend, I did just that for my little garden.

I like to do my planting at a cute park by my house so I don't end up having to clean up a dirty mess inside. I bring my hanging glass pots (here and here) and my planter to replant in, along with tools: a shovel, organic soil with fertilizer, liquid plant food, garden rocks, and moss. The rocks and moss are mostly for decoration around the succulents that will hang on the wall in my apartment! You can also do without the shovel and gardening gloves if you don't have them. I purchased all my gardening tools and plants at the Ace Hardware in Russian Hill - they have everything you need.

Planting your indoor garden is the easy part. Keeping the plants alive is the hard part. It's best to place your plants near south-facing windows. If you don't have those available in your apartment (like me), west-facing windows are the next best. It's important for your plants to get enough sunlight (or indirect sunlight, depending which type of plant) as well as the right amount of water. I use this