oakland adventures

It's so easy to stay within our 7x7 city limits since there's so much to do in San Francisco. But, it's nice to get out of the city occasionally because we can forget how much the rest of the bay has to offer since we have so much going inside the city limits. Wine country, Santa Cruz's beaches, and many more must see spots on the west coast are nearly in our backyard!

Joe and I have been dying to go to this restaurant in Oakland called Homeroom, so we decided to make a Sunday Funday of it. Oakland is such a cool city that has so much to offer. We decided to start our afternoon at Lake Merritt. We rented a row boat and spent a couple hours rowing and tanning on the lake (although you wouldn't be able to tell with this pale skin! 😳) The little lake is really beautiful, as it sits right in the middle of a city, so there are views of green hills lined with cute houses on one side and sky scrapers on the other. On a nice day, this is the perfect activity! Lake Merritt Boating Center offers sail boat, kayak, paddle boat, and row boat rentals (and lessons) for $10-20/hour, depending on the type of boat.

Next, we headed over to Homeroom for an early dinner. It's been on my list for awhile now. If you know me well, you know mac n' cheese is my absolute favorite food. From craft to homemade mac, it's by far my weakness when it comes to food! Homeroom's menu is centered around 10 different types of mac n' cheese dishes (the Gilroy Mac and Mexican Mac were recommended by the waitresses and were mouthwatering!) as well as the option to customize your own. You'll also find a selection of veggie sides, salads and desserts on the menu. They even offer (real) beer floats and root beer floats!