travel hacks

I'm absolutely obsessed with traveling. I love it... BUT, it's hard to do often unless you are smart about saving. Lots of people I know say they want to travel but never make moves and actually do that. Why is this? 1) It's hard for some people to get out of their comfort zone and 2) travel takes a lot of planning and money. Finding out how to save for travel is the first step in commiting to leave your comfort zone and explore new cities and cultures. I guarantee once you start traveling, you'll get hooked and catch the travel bug like the rest of us. Then, it's about finding affordable ways to see as much of the world as you can and travel as often as possible. Here are a 10 of my favorite travel hacks that can save you money:


What I do here is transfer a certain amount of money to this account automatically through Wells Fargo on the 1st each month when I get paid. That way, I don't even see the money in my checking account and whenever I need money for a trip it's in there. I have 7 weddings (including my own!) to go to this year, so instead of vacations, this year it will be my travel fund for weddings -- so excited! I definitely recommend some way of putting aside money for travel in some way. The amount can be whatever you can afford at the time. No matter the amount, the point is that it still adds up quickly and gives you the means to fill your travel addiction! Once it’s out of your checking account, you won’t even realize you missed it.


I use my Chase Sapphire Preferred card for everything. It's by far the best credit card if you live in the city. You get double points for anything travel and food, which even includes things like Uber, grocery stores, and restaurants/bars! Outside of clothes, food and travel are basically what I spend my money on. This card is awesome to use when you are traveling internationally too because they will reimburse you for any international exchange rate fees. Awesome.

I also have a Fidelity Cash Management investment account. This is pretty much equivalent to a checking and savings account where I'll transfer in the money I've saved from my savings account listed in #1 above right before a trip. You can use your debit card to withdraw cash at any ATM and you will get reimbursed for any ATM or exchange rate fees. Not only is this awesome when traveling abroad, but also within San Francisco. How often are you at a bar or restaurant that ends up being cash only and only has one of those no-affiliate ATMs? Trust me, it comes in handy a lot!


Joe and I just booked our flights to New Orleans for a wedding we have coming up this summer. We knew in advance that we'd need flights for this, so got a Southwest credit card. We used it for the first few months to hit the bonus limit and got enough points for two round trip flights from SF>NOLA, and then some. It's not good for your credit to open and close credit cards within the same year, so even if you don't use it after you reach that bonus limit, hold onto it for awhile before closing it out. Read more about that here. Tons of airlines and hotels have these types of credit cards and deals. I am looking into getting a Starwood credit card because they are affiliated with so many different hotels around the world.

I recently read a great book called "Travel the World for $50 a Day" by Matthew Kepnes, a famous travel blogger. It's mostly for people who are going to take off and travel for ~a year or longer periods of time. I usually travel for just a couple of weeks at a time, so I don't actually think $50/day is necessary for me with the shorter trips (or realistic with my foodie habits!), but there are a ton of credit card and other travel hacks in here that I'm so glad I learned. I know people who use credit card rewards points for their travel so frequently that they haven't paid for a flight or hotel in years. The book is a good, easy read -- if you love to travel, I'd definitely recommend it! Here's the link to his blog if you'd like to follow along: