travel hacks

I'm absolutely obsessed with traveling. I love it... BUT, it's hard to do often unless you are smart about saving. Lots of people I know say they want to travel but never make moves and actually do that. Why is this? 1) It's hard for some people to get out of their comfort zone and 2) travel takes a lot of planning and money. Finding out how to save for travel is the first step in commiting to leave your comfort zone and explore new cities and cultures. I guarantee once you start traveling, you'll get hooked and catch the travel bug like the rest of us. Then, it's about finding affordable ways to see as much of the world as you can and travel as often as possible. Here are a 10 of my favorite travel hacks that can save you money:


What I do here is transfer a certain amount of money to this account automatically through Wells Fargo on the 1st each month when I get paid. That way, I don't even see the money in my checking account and whenever I need money for a trip it's in there. I have 7 weddings (including my own!) to go to this year, so instead of vacations, this year it will be my travel fund for weddings -- so excited! I definitely recommend some way