march madness for dummies

Last fall, I was all about Fantasy Football and became the commissioner of a girls only fantasy league with my favorite gal pals. It was awesome because most of us had never played fantasy or just didn't follow football that much, so we were all in the same boat. We had a blast talking smack and grabbing drinks for games here and there. Now, it's time for March Madness. I decided to do the same. I started a girls only March Madness bracket with my friends, and asked my wonderful fiancé, Joe, to give me some advice as I'm a complete noob. Below, you'll find his explanation of the tournament, how to create a bracket, and how it all works for (non) dummies like me!





It’s a game, but for many it’s a game that embodies so much more than a final score or a win/loss. It’s a representation of teamwork in the athletic form. It’s a dance, as players spend countless hours perfecting footwork in order to create minute inches of separation between themselves and a competitor. It’s physically exhausting, as the toll of a defensive stance drains energy and the effort put forth for every rebound or loose ball that fatigues a player. And although the importance of team is pivotal for success, this game allows for moments of brilliance to be owned by one individual in various ways during competition. It’s basketball and if that perspective doesn’t get you excited about the game, then Maybe March Madness will.

Ok, cut the drama... what the hell is March Madness and how do I win my money and pride?