why you should buy a vespa in san francisco

I've had a Vespa for almost 3 years now while living in San Francisco. It's honestly the best. I'm the biggest advocate for people to purchase one. I love finally having a car again, but driving a car around the city comes with many annoyances too: finding parking, street cleaning, expenses, etc. I frequently prefer to drive my Vespa around the city over my car because it's just so much easier. When I initially moved here, and didn't have a car in the city, I was very deterred from going to places that weren't near my apartment. From North Beach, I used to have to take two separate buses (which took anywhere from 40 minutes to an hour) to get places like The Mission or Golden Gate Park. It was either that, or take an expensive Uber ride. Getting a Vespa totally opened up the city for me. It made checking out new places and getting around super easy! I absolutely love having it. Here are some other reasons why:


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1. Parking: front row parking everywhere you go. You don't need to worry about factoring in leaving 20 minutes early to your destination just to find parking on the streets of San Francisco.

vespa scooter

2. Less city traffic: in California, its legal to share lanes with cars. I don't think this is safe, so I only will only do it to go up to the front at red lights. Luckily, in San Francisco, it's so stop-and-go that this actaully saves you a ton of time. Driving my vespa to work is significantly faster than driving my car to work... more time to sleep in!

san francisco vespa

3. Gas mileage: my Vespa LX 50 gets 85-90 miles per gallon. Unreal. I use it to commute to work 3-4 days a week, and only need to fill up about every month and a half.

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4. Cost: having a car in San Francisco is expensive and inconvenient in many neighborhoods. This is exactly why I sold the car when I first moved to the city. If you think about parking garage prices ($300+/month) or how frequently you get parking tickets ($60+/ticket) for street cleaning varying on every single street, it adds up quickly. Parking in places like SOMA or the Financial District for work costs $15+/day. You can find free scooter parking most of the time in these areas, or park in motorcycle/scooter metered parking, which only costs about $5 for the entire day. Don't even get me started on gas. Gas costs me ~$4.50 to fill up my tank every 1.5 months. Insurance is ~$7/month. You get the point -- it's extremely cheap to maintain.

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