a weekend guide to seattle, washington

Joe and I visited Seattle about a year and a half ago, and I asked my close friend (and roommate at the time), Mackenzie, to make us an itinerary of where to go and what to see since she was born and raised in Seattle. Mackenzie's list was absolutely perfect, and we had an amazing weekend full of good food and awesome views thanks to her. I truly fell in love with Seattle's charm that weekend and I definitely recommend you visit ASAP if you haven't recently! I asked Mackenzie to be a guest blogger for The Urbanite Insight so she can share the city's sparkle with all of you too! Read on to hear about Seattle's staples and hidden gems from Mackenzie's perspective:

Download this city guide (with GPS maps) on your smartphone here to have it handy for your trip!

Mackenzie rocking her Seahawks gear, per usual.


Seattle is known as the Emerald city - many know it as such because of the vibrant color scheme of green forests through out the entire city or maybe some tourists think it's just because everywhere you look the 12th man pride is around you. (Seattle loves representing it's Seahawks blue & green!)

5th Avenue

To me, Seattle is the Emerald City because it's the true gem of the northwest. Yeah, yeah, yeah it rains a lot. Ok, we get it. But, being surrounded by luscious green scenery & owning all the best fashionable rain gear can be a plus. Hunter boots, I'm looking at you. Honestly, the 3 to 4 months out of the year that are beautiful, sunny and bright make you forget the last three seasons of rain and make you appreciate the outdoors. My favorite thing about in Seattle is when the weather takes a turn and everyone is outside and I mean, everyone. The beaches are packed (Golden Gardens being my favorite in the city), the Safeco roof is lifted and the games are sold out so you can enjoy a Mannys beer with your best buds in the outfield and kids and adults are riding their bikes through the Burke-Gilman trail for hours to reach their final destination of Gasworks Park. If you travel to Seattle, my suggestion is to go from July to September. You won't be disappointed.

View from the top of the Space Needle

Leaving Seattle and my family (especially my two older sisters and nephew, Gino!) was one of the hardest things I've ever done and there isn't a day that goes by I don't think of the place where I grew up into the girl who pursued her dream to move to San Francisco. But, whenever I fly back into the Emerald City, it welcomes me back with open arms and I know it would do the same with all of you.

View from Kerry Park

Here are 12 reasons I love Seattle (thought 12 for the 12th man was appropriate):

1. The water! It makes for beautiful scenery as well as the perfect asset to your summer: boating, kayaking, and paddle boarding on Lake Union, Lake Washington & the Puget Sound are always great summer time activities. If you watched Grey's Anatomy (like most of us did), you'll also understand the appreciation of a ferry boat ride for the best view of the city.

2. Coffee - Starbucks has my heart, as most Seattleites would agree. There's a Starbucks on every corner, so your caffeine fix is easy. There are great local coffee shops in every neighborhood as well. You'll never go thirsty.