hayes valley, san francisco

Hayes Valley is this cute, trendy and upscale area where I feel like not enough people who live in the northeast neighborhoods of San Francisco venture to. It has some of the best restaurants, cutest buildings, boutiques and cafes in the city, in my opinion. Next time you have a free day, wander over to Hayes Valley, and see for yourself. Here's a guide of things to do and see:

Download this neighborhood guide article (with GPS maps) on your smartphone here!


Patricia's Green

Patricia's Green has lots of pop up shops, food stands, cool graffiti from floor to ceiling, and PROXY, an outdoor theater. You'll always find plenty of people hanging out and roaming around in this area on a nice day.


An outdoor beer garden with German bier and pretzels where you'll sit at large communal tables. This place is always packed on a nice, sunny day!

Walk Around

There are so many cute street corners, shops, and colorful buildings in Hayes Valley. Wander around and get lost in the neighborhood's charm.