valentine's crafts

The red, pink and purple color scheme gives so much cheer to anyone’s day, which is why I love Valentine’s decorations! Valentine’s Day is always such a fun date night for Joe and me, but to be honest, Galentine’s Day (Feb. 13th) can be equally as much fun. I’m a huge Parks & Recreation and Amy Poehler fan, and as far as I’m concerned, she made Galentine’s Day a nationally recognized holiday. (If you haven’t watched the show, it’s on Netflix… you have no excuse. Go binge watch!) One year, Andrea, and I went as far as to buy each other new watches for Galentine's Day! I love any excuse to throw a party with my girl friends; afterall, they’re the ones who will really appreciate the pink, purple and red pops of color in their lives!

This year, you should do something fun for your galentines, roommates, cousins, or any other women in your life. Add little pops of color around your apartment, make something, or just send a card. It always feels good to feel the love from your friends!

This year, I decided to do some Valentine’s crafts to get in the holiday spirit early! Below, you’ll see three of my favorite Valentine’s projects: DIY pom pom garlands, DIY Lush lip scrub, and DIY tassel garlands! Cheap, easy, and fun. Let’s get started!


My dear friend, Chloe, got me hooked on pom poms when she sent me a garland to decorate my tree in December. I've since become obsessed. They are fun and easy to make, and have so many uses! Read more