the marina and cow hollow, san francisco

The Marina and Cow Hollow neighborhoods sit between Marina Boulevard, Van Ness Avenue, Vallejo Street, and Lyon Street. It's one of the cutest neighborhoods in the city with much colorful cheer in the bright apartment buildings! There's always a bustling 20-to-30-something crowd out and about.

My favorite thing to do is wander in the Marina and get lost in the beautiful streets of uniquely architected buildings. With lots of different color schemes and styles, I love to find new buildings each time I walk around. It's so cute and charming!

The two main streets with lots of restaurants, shops, and bars, are Chestnut Street and Union Street. My favorite restaurants on and near Chestnut Street are A16, Delarosa, and Blackwood. Also check out the MINA Test Kitchen, a pop up Michael Mina restaurant he uses to text new menu ideas! I'm still eager to try the new restaurant and bar, The Dorian, as well as Causwells and Acquerello in this area. Near Chestnut, you'll find a popular bar scene at places like The Tipsy Pig, The Campus, Stock in Trade and Monaghan's.

Near Union Street, my favorite restaurants are Roam Burger, Ottimista, Rose's Cafe, and Umami, and I'm looking to check out Belga soon! The infamous "Triangle" is a stretch of bars at the corner of Fillmore and Greenwich. Near here, you'll find bars like Eastside West, Balboa Cafe, Sabrosa, Comet Club, Mauna Loa, Jaxson SF and Matrix Fillmore for a fun nightlife scene.