that beautiful glow

My mom constantly reminds me to take good care of my skin because I'm at the age where it will have a major impact on how I age in the future. She insists I put sunscreen on my hands and face every day because those are the first to age. I always kind of give her the "yeah, yeah, yeah," and don't really make a change outside of the daily face wash. I've been lucky to have very clear skin growing up with rarely any breakouts, but want to start being proactive and protecting my skin from aging quickly. As I'm in my mid twenties, my mom will be so proud to read that I finally decided to take her advice to heart. I don't want to hear "I told you so," Mom, but I'm actually loving my new daily routine and can see results of more evenly toned and hydrated skin... so thanks!

I went and spoke with the pros at two beauty stores in the city, to see what's best for my skin. First, I headed to Credo Beauty on Fillmore in Pacific Heights. Credo Beauty's motto is "Totally Clean, Super Good, Absolutely Beautiful." This means that they promise totally clean ingredients that are healthy and safe, super good brands that are sustainable and have ethical sourcing, and absolutely beautiful products that are effective. I really like how their products make an impact on our personal worlds, but also protect our environment and animals.