zoodle carbonara for the win

I am a passionate pasta fan, so I love finding all types of healthy pasta replacement recipes. My newest favorite type is zucchini noodle ("zoodle") pasta. I made zoodle carbonara for Joe and I for dinner recently as a healthy, no-carb meal, and we were both completely blown away. Sometimes he isn't the biggest fan of my pasta replacements, but he absolutely loved this one and asked if we could make it more often. That's when I know I've done well!

This recipe is extremely healthy, and you can even make it completely paleo, just cut out the cheese. One thing this recipe will entail is to poach an egg. Don't let it deter you because I recenlty learned a foolproof way to do it, which I'll explain below. It only takes about 5 minutes to poach, so you can do that while the bacon is cooking.