fashion + function: hair tie bracelets

I recently got some inquiries about the hair tie bracelet from a picture in one of my previous posts (about my acaí obsession). My wonderful best friend and #MOH, Andrea (@adevvvv), gave me the cute hair tie that I am now obsessed with and wear every day, since it's always coming in handy! Whether it's going for a walk at lunch, getting ready for yoga, or washing my face at night, I am always finding myself needing a hair tie at some point throughout my day. So, like most girls, I always have a hair tie around my wrist and feel naked without one. I love how hair tie bracelets are both fashion and function! You never know when you'll need that hair tie, so why not make a fashion statement when it's not in use. When you are using it, it adds a little accessory to your hair as well, and looks great when you have your hair up!

Hair tie bracelet: Fixed on Drama (black) | Watch: Michael Kors

Hair tie bracelets: Fixed on Drama (turquoise) + Berry (black)