gifts for your guys

How in the world is it already December!? The holiday season always seems to sneak up so fast. Once the shock that it's already December wears off, with christmas coming up, I bet everyone will probably scrambling to think of gift ideas for their loved ones. I'm here to help you think of some ideas for the guys in your life: dads, brothers, boyfriends, fiancés, husbands, friends, cousins, etc.

These guys may hint at what they want, but giving a gift that's a surprise is even more special to most. I know when I get something I pick out on my own and suggest as a gift to Joe, even if he gets me something else, I'll likely go buy what I wanted for myself in the end any way. I really enjoy when gifts are the kind of things that are such a treat that you wouldn't necessarily splurge on it for yourself. It also shows that the gift giver has gone out of his or her way to really think about what the person would like or enjoy; it's very genuine. To guys, clothes are not as exciting as they are to girls -- steer clear of this. It's more of a commodity or necessity to most men as they aren't as particular and often don't care about having the best brands or newest styles. Let's be honest, most the time their ladies are picking out their clothes any way. So, that means we'll need to think outside of the box and get creative to find something perfect for them.

I'm here to help you think of some creative ideas that your guy will absolutely love! Most men I know all have a little bit of kid and engineer inside of them; whether it's the urge to play video games, skateboard, research new headphones, build something or learn how to use new techy gadgets, most of our guys like things that keep them entertained. A lot of the ideas below I've given to Joe for birthdays or christmas and he's absolutely loved them. Those, combined with some new ideas, helped me to make the list below. Check out these gift suggestions for your main man this holiday season: