little kids, big city: a guide to hanging out with little ones in san francisco

My adorable four year old nephew, Joseph, came to visit this weekend. About two months ago, he packed his toys in his wagon and started walking out the front door at his parents house in Sacramento. On his way out, Joseph told his mom he was "going on vacation to visit Aunt Meg in San Francisco," so we decided to plan a weekend for him to come! I have been so excited since then, counting down the days for my fun slumber party with Joseph.

Over the past couple months, I've been thinking about what fun, kid-friendly things we could do around the city. I wanted to make sure he would have the best weekend ever! Here are the items from our itinerary that Joseph liked best, along with pictures, that would be fun ideas to do with nieces, nephews, your kids, friends' kids, cousins, siblings, etc.:

Day 1

The Golden "Great" Bridge I got Joseph a "Good Night San Francisco" book from the Good Night Moon series a couple years back. Ever since then, he always talks abouts the major landmarks in the city that the book references, like Lombard Street, Coit Tower, the Golden Gate and Bay Bridges, etc.; except Joseph has always called the Golden Gate Bridge the "Golden GREAT Bridge" since then and it was too cute for anyone to correct him, so my family calls it that now too! On our way into the city, we made sure to bring him over the Golden Great Bridge. He absolutely loved to hear that people come from all over the world to drive over it and take photos of it. When he heard that he smiled and said, "I'm soo lucky!" He loved that he could see the Bay Bridge from it too. Just as most little boys love trains, they love bridges too! He says next time he comes to visit, he wants to walk on it.

Joe DiMaggio Playground

Joe DiMaggio Playground in North Beach was renovated and finished about a month ago. It's one of my favorite parks in the city now, always crowded with little kids and their parents on the playground area, basketball and tennis players on the sport courts, and people hanging around and socializing or playing on the bocce ball courts. Joseph absolutely loved the play area. All the playground equipment is brand new, with vibrant colors. This park also has the view going for it. There are views of telegraph hill and Coit Tower on one side and russian hill on the other. Here are a few photos from the day: