gorgeous table settings

Between all the wedding planning, registry shopping, and holiday dinners, I've been thinking a lot about table settings lately. I absolutely love to host people, whether its a dinner party or casual wine night, it's fun to show off your creativity and cute flatware! In my mid-twenties, this is one of the first years I'm excited to have my own space and nice "stuff" to use. If your girl friends are coming over, you're hosting a double dinner date, or your family is coming to visit for the holidays, here's a look into how to make your table settings look adorable at various ranges of pricing. You don't need to have the nicest stuff or to have the full sets to make it look amazing! Let's walk through the basics you'll need:

1) Flatware

I have an obsession with all things gold, from shoes to jewelry, to decor. Flatware is no exception. I also really like the two toned look, with gold and silver, and brass or copper as well. Below you'll find two links with different price points for your specific budgets that might be cute options: