a guy's guide to san francisco

As I realize this blog is focused a bit more toward the ladies thus far, I asked my fiancé, Joe (@pistolpeters), to write a guest post about all the cool things for guys to do around the city. He'll guide you through food choices, sports, haircuts and more of his go-to spots that he frequents. Hope you enjoy a guide to San Francisco from Pistol Peters' perspective!




7x7, a square-millage measurement often attributed to the border lines of San Francisco. At times, that small circumference can feel impossible to navigate through, and that may very well be a result of the seemingly endless sloped landscape. However, once your find your bearings, and least exerting way about town, this city offers endless options for places to call your own. In the spirit of the town itself, here are 7 of my frequented destinations for all types of manly occasions.

guys guide to san francisco

1. Hair Cut – Public Barber

Admittedly, as other males might agree, grooming may not be something that is of the forefront of my thoughts on a regular basis but that’s where Public has your back. Public has two storefront locations located in North Beach as well as the Tenderloin, with a staff dedicated to making your haircuts a more pleasant experience. You will need to call in to make an appointment, but they are readily available which is great because odds are if you are anything like me, the trim is long over do. You are always greeted with a beer, which is great for easing the anxiety you may be facing while you contemplate a new bold hair style that you saw on some dude in the mission. In all seriousness, great staff that all do a fantastic job and always make sure you are leaving with exactly what you wanted.

2. Burrito - Taqueira Cancun

San Francisco has incredible food scene that nearly always lives up to the hype but let’s be honest, you’ve overpaid for a decent amount of meals because of where the restaurant is located or a trendy decor. That’s one of the reasons that I love Taqueria Cancun; no frills just quality Mexican fare. It’s sizable, inexpensive, and delicious, hitting every requirement for a quality burrito. Located on Mission and 19th street and open until at least 1:00 am every night makes this an excellent spot for late night dining. Always go with the carnitas.

3. Pizza – Za Pizza

I know most of us have skin in the game concerning the Tony’s vs .Golden Boy showdown for best spots for a slice, but let me offer you a third option: Za Pizza, located on Green & Hyde in Russian Hill, makes a hell of a slice as well as whole pies. They do offer beer and wine if you are dining in, but note they don’t take reservations as the floor space is limited. I recommend calling ahead to take out, as it’s never a wait longer than 25 minutes no matter how busy they are. Do yourself a favor an order the Scaliano and I promise you won’t regret it.

4. Outdoor basketball - Alice Marble Tennis Courts

Don't be deceived by the name featuring "Tennis" as this has to be one of the most incredible public outdoor courts around. Perched at the top of Russian Hill, this hoops haven had amazing view of the bay that features two iconic landmarks in the Golden Gate Bridge and Alcatraz. Competition is solid, and the best times for runs is Saturday and Sunday morning between 8:30 - 10:30 am. Get there early as there is only one full length court and it fills up quickly on nice days. 5. Beer Hall - Liquid Gold

This spot is a beer lovers dream. Sitting at the intersection of Hyde & California, this Nob Hill tap room an incredible beer selection, and even features certain breweries from time to time. There is a large picnic style table in that back excellent for groups if you can manage to commandeer it, and games such as Jenga if your up for some commotion. Also, there is a large refrigerated section with additional bottled beer available to take home or even drink there if you pay the minimal corkage fee. 6. Bro Activity - Eagle Club Indoor Golf

As fun as it is to grab some beers with your buddies, why not mix it up a bit? Eagle Club Indoor Golf is a an indoor virtual driving range that gives you a new activity to try, while still allowing you to revert back to your old ways and have beers with you buddies. Each station features artificial grass to hit from and a large projecting screen which displays the course. Choose from a variety of different challenges including longest drive and closest to the pin, or play a classic round at your choice of legendary course. Alleviate the stress of treacherous bunkers and early tea times with this quick fix for golf enthusiasts, located on 2nd & Howard. 7. Gentleman's Dinner - House of Prime Rib

I will always be more than content with a burger accompanied by excessive garlic fries, but that's not to say you can't step up your dining game while hanging amongst friends. If you and your dudes are looking a classy spot to grub, head to House of Prime Rib. The menu is simple, pick your prime rib cut, potatoes (mashed or baked), creamed spinach, and Yorkshire pudding. It's impo