christmas lists: a few of my favorite things

Every year, my mom asks me to put together a christmas list with links to make it easier for her to pick things out since, yes, I am annoyingly picky. Otherwise, she knows I will end up returning half of the things she picks out, so I'll send her over some items each year. This year, I don't want her to buy me much because we have a big year coming up with the wedding. But I do love online window shopping to put together my lists, so this year I decided to put together a list of my favorite items around my apartment and in my closet to share with my followers. Hope this helps get you started you when you're making your own christmas list (if you're on santa's nice list, of course!), or just simply to #treatyoself. These 25 items are my daily go-to's in san francisco; all things that I wear or use on the reg:​

Click here to see all the 25 item photos side-by-side to get an idea of what they are, and then see the itemized list with descriptions of why i love them and links below:

  1. Anthropologie Sunday Riley Modern Lip Color • Anthropologie • // a classic and simple every day color.

  2. Joan Vass Seamed Midi Skirt • Joan Vass • // i love my midi skirts! they are so flattering.