sunday blooms in san francisco

One of my favorite thing to do on Sundays is to get some fresh blooms for the week. I've always had a love for beautiful flowers, as most little girls do. I also love the design aspect to floral arrangement and the ability to use your creativity! I love the freshness and brightness it brings to my apartment. It's just like any type of design, how different people are drawn to different styles. My favorite types of arrangements are those with greenery, bright whites, and a bright color that makes it pop. I love hydrangeas, dahlias and sunflowers most, and it often like to mix in some succulents with the greenery.

My favorite flower shop in the city is called The Bud Stop (@thebudstop) and is on Union Street in the Marina. I really like it because they have tons of fresh blooms daily that are displayed in a visually appealing way that helps your creativity flow. I like that I can go there and pick what flowers to include in my bouquet or arrangement. The employees are also extremely helpful with great ideas of what to include and what types of flowers look good together.